Summer Projects: New Clients, New Ideas.

This summer was very busy for HBL.  I participated in my first serious collaboration with Imogene and Willie.  Matt and Carrie were awesome and we created a gorgeous buffalo hide womans d-pocket jacket using rare and limited 1960s brass Lightning Zippers.  The jackets turned out beautifully!  I worked with Kiya and The Self Edge and came up with some very very special limited edition cafe racers and a Heron jacket with WW 2 herringbone Duck reversible camo liners.  And now I am working on new designs to be announced soon for arrival into Europe.  I made a 1930s style buffalo summer weight jacket that is light and cotton lined for summer.  My favorite new projects are working on messenger bags of buffalo and horsehide with vintage U.S. military tent componants, and my soon to be release cordovan boot collab!  It is my wish that these products hold up through the testing phase so I have been banging my bag around for a few months before I continue to make more to make sure that it works!  The Heron jackets with the blanket liners are a combination of new and old as well.  I have been tricking out the new horsehide with vintage 1930s blankets.  Can’t guarantee  holes or dyes but they sure look cool!

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  1. Hi Hime, I enjoy reading your blogs and keeping up with your himel bros. works. Your jackets are second to none. Keep up the good work and Oh! nice to see Julie posting her paintings on FB very nice! one of these days we’ll get to meet face to face. Please let me know if and when you are going to be in the western U.S. again. take care.


  2. Those Imogene and Willie jackets are gorgeous.

  3. Thanks…they were very limited due to the few deadstock zippers I found

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